Tutorial Disclaimer...

This tutorial is really just for a 'basic' setup. While it is reasonably 'secure' it should in no way be considered completely safe or anonymous. There are quite a few things that would need to be done differently or in addition to these steps to call it as secure as possible.

I hope to follow this up with a few tutorials which focus on security and leak testing. The next will hopefully be a step by step guide on running Tor and lighttpd in a chroot environment. Another idea for a follow up tut would be forcing all traffic from the server to use the tor network. I'd like to add a database server and some secure admin tools, the list goes on.

Until your server is significantly more secure than it will be at the end of this tutorial I would recommend being extremely careful what content you put on it. I imagined this as a beginners guide or a primer / practice tut rather than a full featured detailed walk through to a completed server/service. If your life or liberty would be at risk all based on the security and anonymity of this server... You should probably re-think the content you upload at this time. If however you just want to learn a little and have something fun to play with... which can be reasonably anonymous... I say go for it.

Full disclosure...

You'll notice that I used DigitalOcean referral links when linking to their site. My hope is that enough new customers will use this link that I can get some hosting credits added on to my account. It would be great to "get something back" form the effort I have put into this and plan to put into further tutorials. So, if you sign up, I'd appreciate it if you left the referral link in place.

I hope to add a 'donate' or 'tip' button/page somewhere on the site, probably using bitcoin, in the next little while for those who really appreciate this and any future tuts. My intention is to make that a tutorial of its own and include the code used.

Oh yeah. I know the "design" is terrible. I'll improve it in the near future. For now I was only going for content.

ok... I think thats all for now.